Mundo j

The Mundo centers contribute the preservation of the environment by organizing the collection of specific waste which will be recycled or repaired.

Small Waste

You will find in the lobby on the ground floor a sorting cabinet for the following specific waste:

  •  Batteries and cells (all batteries from devices such as mobile phones, cameras)
  •  Corks
  •  Energy efficient light bulbs (LED, fluorescent bulbs, neon lights NOT incandescent and halogen)
  •  Small discarded electrical devices*
  •  BRITA filters
  •  Printer cartridges*
  •  Plastic bottle caps**

* Recyca collects all your empty cartridges and small electronic appliances

What kind of small electronic appliances can you deposit?

  • Accessories with USB cable (for e.g.: webcams, keyboards, card reader, CD player, hard disk)
  • E-readers, iPad, iPod, MP3 players, tablet
  • Any external card reader, CD, DVD, Blu-ray
  • Notebook coolers
  • Mobile phones
  • Hubs, ports switch, routers, modems, access points
  • Cables: power cables, audio and video, SCART cables, network cables

How to deposit your cartridges?

1. Remove the original packaging.
2. Reuse the plastic bag to protect the toners during transport.
3. Pile up the cartridges carefully in order not to damage them so they can be reconditioned.

 Your cartridges first get checked for any possible damage then they are sold to reconditioning companies in Belgium and abroad. Unusable items go through recycling and are entirely transformed into raw material.

This collection is an initiative from the Jane Goodall Insititute Belgium, a Mundo-j member. The money raised thanks to the campaign Recycle4Chimps! will be donated to Hope Project in DRC that allows youngsters in Goma to have access to scholarships. (For more information about this campaign, please visit their website).

**Plastic bottle caps

The non-profit organization "Passe le message à ton Voisin" defends the right of people with disabilities or with reduced mobility (PMR). In order to finance their projects, the NPO "Jeunes et Nature", a member of Mundo-b, takes care of collecting plastic caps which are then bought by the recycling company CAPKA. In addition to recycling plastic and thus contributing to the planet's waste reduction, the money collected helps to finance the purchase of wheelchairs for people with disabilities (You can find more information about this action here).